Preparing Your Home For Hurricane Season

Almost everyone welcomes summer and spring seasons with open arms. The chance to go to the beach and sunbathe in the warm sun is what every person looks forward to. However, the arrival of spring and summer season is accompanied with the beginning of the hurricane season, which is known to start from the 1st of every June. With hurricane season upon us, it is absolutely crucial for people to start preparing their home to deal with the hurricane season. Preparing your home will reduce the damage which would originally be caused by a hurricane. Hurricane season is known to last until the 30th of November. With Labor Day approaching, take the following steps to prepare your home and to protect it:

Protect Your Home During Hurricane Season

  • When a hurricane, storm or sometimes even strong rains hit, electricity is the first thing that goes. A hurricane or storm can last for days and they can destroy the electrical wiring of the whole area. Power cannot be expected to come back immediately in such circumstances and it may take days or even weeks. Candles and flashlights are good ways for light but they don’t provide power to turn on your fridge and keep your food from spoiling. This is why a small home generator is necessary. It can power up a few appliances, but not the whole house.
  • Hire a roof inspector for a roof inspection. Roofs are affected the most during hurricanes. They are literally what hold the house above our heads. The water from the rain and strong winds can damage and weaken the foundations. Which is why hiring a roof inspector is crucial. The inspector can identify the problems with your roof and provide you a whole blueprint of your house with areas that are weak. You can immediately start taking action to repair the roof.
  • You should invest in roof tie-downs. They help keep the roof in place so that strong winds don’t sweep it away.
  • Always remember to cut your trees before hurricane season. Trees which are huge in size and length can cause the most damage to your roof when a hurricane hit. Hurricanes can weaken large tree limbs which can fall over your roof. Trees also cause a lot of debris and dirt to accumulate on the roof which gets wet. This mulch, once it gets wet, remains wet. This weakens the structure of the roof and causes mold to form as well.
  • It is also important to clean your sewerage and drainage system. Remove all the dirt, debris and leaves from the gutters and drainage pipes. This will allow the water from the rain to flow through the gutters easily. It will help protect your house and the streets from getting flooded with rain water which would be mixed with water from the gutters.

Follow these few tips and protect your house from unwanted damage from hurricanes.

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