How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?

If you are a home owner, you must know that you need to take special care of certain things around the house. If you neglect caring for them, it may create a serious problem. The roof being one example as it protects you against the nature’s elements and if not inspected and maintained regularly can create some serious issues that will be a blow to your savings. You can always hire a roofing contractor in Monroe L.A. However, the knowledge about when to have an inspection done is useful information to have.

Roofing Material Used

Generally it is recommended that you get your roof inspected twice a year before the start of fall and spring. But the frequency may differ depending on the materials used in building the roof. Different materials weather and decay at different rates as the elements affect them in different ways. Therefore, they require different attention. The common two materials used are.

  • Wood: Wood is a popular and cheap material to use for roofs. Wooden shingles are used to make the roof and is usually covered by other materials too. As wood is an organic component it is likely to deteriorate at a faster rate. Especially if you reside in an area where there are hurricanes or heavy rains, you should get your roof checked frequently to make sure that there are not any cracks, leaks or mild growing on the wood.
  • Tiles: Tile is another popular but rather expensive material used for roofs. The tiles for your roof may be made of asphalt shingles or composite which makes them very sturdy. They requires less maintenance and need to be inspected every 5 years or so. You can always get a roofing contractor in Monroe or West Monroe L.A. to have your roof checked for the scheduled inspections annually.

Damaged Roof

You need to get your roof inspected when there is any damage due to harsh weather or an accident to determine the extent of the damage. You should ideally check your roof yourself after a storm or if you reside in a hurricane-prone area then after the hurricane has passed. The damage because of this is easy to locate from leaks, water stains or air blowing in. Other signs may be shingles or tiles missing or granules of the shingles found in the gutter system. Crawl spaces found or daylight pouring through cracks in the attic should be fixed immediately before they become a more serious problem. Also poor water drainage system in the house or humid weather can cause seepage in the walls as well as the roof. So keep an eye out for any dark spots, streaks or stuffy smell that may indicate damage. You should get professional help for these problems and can hire RainTight Roofing, Inc.

Caring about a roof is less expensive than having to replace it. We hope this article helps you understand when you should get your roof inspected and keep it in good shape.

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