How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor?

So your roof has begun to leak. There are many questions that you begin to ask yourself. What is causing it to leak? Was it Mother Nature that caused it? Was the last roof contractor certified or was he someone’s uncle that claimed he could do it for a “good price”? Even if you never know what truly caused your roof to leak, the fact still remains that you are going to have to call a roofing contractor. 

Once you begin your search for a roofing contractor, you discover that Craigslist and Facebook are filled with roofing professionals. You add in search engine results in addition to newspaper ads and you have an unlimited number of contractors from which to choose. How do you know who is certified? How do you avoid YouTube vloggers claiming to be certified roofing professionals? Here are a few tips to help you during your search.

1.   Experience

The more experience that a contractor has, the more that his work results will reflect his experience. Experience is priceless. It cannot be bought and it must be earned. Therefore, hiring someone inexperienced can be costly, if the job is not done correctly.

2.   Certifications and memberships

Knowing what certifications your roofing professionals possess boosts your confidence in them. For example, Raintight Roofing is BBB certified with an A+. The BBB provides free reviews on businesses with regards to licensing, background, and consumer experiences. Having an A+ on the BBB ensures that we have met these standards prescribed by them.

3.  Testimonials

Positive testimonials from previous clients can minimize the chances of hiring a company that is not delivering their promises. If a company has many bad testimonials, it is a red flag.  Research, research, research! Raintight Roofing has many testimonials from our satisfied customers.  We deliver quality work and put our customers first.

These 3 tips should help you avoid hiring someone without the right qualifications.  At Raintight Roofing, we are licensed insurance adjusters and experts at claim assessment.  You can trust us to give you an honest evaluation because we are experts in this field. We will make sure that the job is done right the first time.

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